Discovery Flights and Air Tours in Wadsworth, Wooster and Mansfield

Discovery Flights 

Are you interested in becoming a pilot?  Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly an airplane?  Call us today and book a Discovery Flight with Avit Flight Academy.  Discovery Flights are done with an FAA Certified Flight Instructors in one of our Cessna 172 aircraft. 

The Flight Instructor will spend a half hour on the ground explaining how the aircraft works.  After that they will take you on a 30-minute flight.  Once in the air, you will get a chance to fly the airplane!  This time can be logged towards future flight training. 

Avit Flight Academy Air Tours 

Are you interested in taking an airplane ride with friends or family?  Avit Flight Academy offers Air Tours of the local area.  One of our experienced FAA certified Pilots can take up to three people at a time in one of our Cessna 172 airplanes.  Call us today for more details and to schedule. 

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