Learning to fly is an adventure that many dream about from childhood. Fly Avit serves the needs of students and the flying community by offering first class instruction and a fleet of reliable aircraft. Our Certified Flight Instructors provide the highest quality and professional training whether your goal is to fly for recreation, to grow your business, or for a career opportunity.

From day dreaming about airplanes in grade school to the thrill of every take off, we simply love to fly. Flying offers a feeling of freedom that is paralleled by nothing else. At our flight academy, we want to bring that feeling to you!!



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AeroTrek is committed to providing a safe and responsible training environment during the COVID-19 epidemic. To that end, we have established a simple and affordable program for virtual ground school instruction for new students and we are working with some existing students on a case by case basis. We are an essential business, so we also offer a one on one training course. Please call or email us for additional details.