Get Your Pilot License with Avit at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport

First Class Instruction from Northeast Ohio’s Avit Flight Academy 

We are pleased to announce that beginning in the summer of 2021, we will be expanding our operations to include Mansfield Airport. We plan on offering aircraft rental as well as flight training. Please call or email us for more information.

Training Available at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport 

For Northeast Ohio locals wondering how to get a pilot license, access to Avit’s Flight Academy at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport (MFD) has never been simpler. 

Private Pilot Training 

Your journey to your private pilot license begins with 40 hours in the cockpit with an instructor. Training includes weekly flights and preparing for FAA exams.  

Instrument Training 

If you’re ready for the next step after your flying license, consider instrument training. Essential for flying in extreme weather or professionally, instrument training introduces you to more of the aircraft. 

Commercial Pilot 

Want to turn your private pilot license into a career? Enroll in the commercial pilot course


Further preparation for commercial piloting comes in the form of multi-engine training, readying you for a multi-engine rating. 

It’s Time to Take to the Skies 

Start your journey to your pilot license with Avit Flight Academy at its Mansfield, Ohio Location. 

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