Learn to Fly at Medina Airport

The best and brightest professionals in the aviation industry trust Avit for their training and certifications. Experience the freedom of flight at Medina Airport with Avit!  

Learn To Fly Medina, Ohio  

Live a life of adventure with Avit Flight Academy. Whether you’ve dreamed of aviation since you were a child or are looking to make a career shift, we make earning your pilot license in Northeast, Ohio simple.  

Train at Medina Airport  

Achieve your dreams in your backyard. Our Medina Airport flight school location opens a world of opportunities for Ohio natives.  

We offer a range of comprehensive trainings staffed by our expert certified flight instructors.  

Private Pilot Training 

Earn your driver’s license for the sky. A Private Pilot License allows you to carry passengers and baggage and ever fly through the night or internationally.  

Instrument Training 

This advanced course will improve your career options and aviation knowledge.  

Commercial Pilot Training 

Time to earn some money! A Commercial Pilot Certificate will allow you to fly for compensation and hire.  

Multi-Engine Training 

Go further and faster with this training that prepares you to be a professional pilot and fly jets like the BBJ (Boeing Business Jet).  

Learn To Fly Today  

Advance your pilot qualifications today at our Medina Airport-based school of aeronautics.

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