All of our aircraft are available for rental following a brief checkout ride with one of our flight instructors. This checkout ensures that each pilot is familiar with our practices and can safely handle the aircraft. After checkout, you are welcome to take our aircraft for the afternoon or a weekend away. Whether you’re building time, going on vacation, or taking a business trip, our fleet will meet your needs.

All scheduling can be completed online using our Paperless 141 software which allows you to easily view aircraft availability and track your hours. In addition, you can review recent squawks, maintenance records, and hours until next inspection for each aircraft.

We highly recommend renters carry additional non-owners insurance (renters insurance), however, you are not required to do so. Per ORC Section 4561.25, renters are insured under a policy provided by Avit Flight Academy. Additional insurance can be obtained through a wide variety of sources such as AOPA and AIG.

We are continually assessing the composition of our fleet to meet the needs of our customers. If you own an aircraft and are interested in leasing it to Avit Flight Academy or have a specific inquiry, let us know!